1290 W Market St.
Red Bud, IL 62278
(618) 282-2225

Unit Information

All units are accessible 24/7 and are standard with concrete floors, metal walls and insulated ceilings. All units are roach proofed and have rodent control traps throughout the complex. All rentals are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. All we require is a deposit and two forms of ID. Deposit is refundable in most cases.

10' x 5'
50 sq ft
Will hold small items or perhaps the contents of a single room.
$38 Per Month
10' x 10'
100 sq ft
Appropriate for two rooms of household furniture.
$64 Per Month
10' x 15'
150 sq ft
This space is appropriate for three rooms of household furniture.
$74 Per Month
10' x 20'
200 sq ft
This unit will hold an automobile or the contents of a small house.
$84 Per Month
12' x 30'
360 sq ft
Can hold an automobile and a few rooms of furniture.
$175 Per Month